Behind The Lens


Well I guess this is where I tell you who I am and how I came into photography and where i am now on my journey….

Right well my name is Carl Gibson, I am a keen enthusiastic Photographer from Northwich in Cheshire, I have lived here all my life with my mum who I now look after as she is terminally unwell, so with being a full time carer I wanted to do something in my spare time, I have always been into gadgets and electrical’s since i was a child and as all my friends know I use to be out all the time with either a camera or video camera, I just loved filming and taking photo’s of those times you never want to forget and cherish for the rest of your life’s.

After watching so many video’s on YouTube about photography I thought I would grab the bull by its horns and go for it and try to make something of my life….. In the past I have never really had that feeling in a work place where I was happy and enjoyed my job! but since I brought my first DSLR and started taking proper pictures this time after watching so many tutorials I realised this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!


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